The Law of Attraction

As my wife and I sat sipping beers, admiring our new deck, we remarked at the accomplishment. It was the perfect size and height and complemented the new patio doors opening onto it. The project, long overdue ended up exactly as I had imagined. I was proud of the achievement. With a bit of help in the early stages from family members, I had designed and built it myself.

To be honest, I had not been convinced I could do it but I followed a very basic premise. I envisioned the completed project daily with excited anticipation and I worked at it whenever I could. “Never underestimate the power of 15 minutes” was my motto and “I can do this!” –my constant mantra. For some, building a deck is no major task, child’s play perhaps but for others it would be unthinkable to even attempt it. I was somewhere in between.

So what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

For those familiar with the Law of Attraction it is seen as a somewhat magical means to obtain something in the near future. It could be a new house, a new car, a spouse, a million dollars, a healthy new body or perhaps the attainment of some career aspiration such as NHL Hockey player, astronaut, brain Surgeon or even a Buddhist Monk. Yet, when I hear the word magical attached to The Law of Attraction, I have to wince. Most will agree intentions and desires can only be achieved by hard work, goal setting, planning, visualizing and maybe a bit of luck. The key is that at some point in time we made the decision to attain a future goal and manifested it. So where’s the magic?

We all have heard of a popular author, playwright or actor been proclaimed “an overnight success” suggesting that they went to bed one night a nobody with nothing but a dream and a prayer, and woke up the next day with a Pulitzer or Academy Award nomination. They would be the first to laugh out loud at the idea. That after of years of dreaming, planning, working, disappointments and rejection they reached their goal only to have the rest of the world call it “magic!”

In my book Will of an Eagle Heart of a Dove the main character Wilunitus envisions a goal and is able to vividly experience it in his mind’s eye, right down to the feelings he might have as if it was already happening. The images slowly become a part of him and the energy that draws him to their reality is able to help carry him through all of the fears and obstacles he runs into in his journey.

In the movie and subsequent book by the same name The Secret, The Law of Attraction is billed as being just that – an undisputed Universal Law that above all requires your belief in its existence in order to make it work. Countless Self Help Gurus such as Joe Vitale author of The Attractor Factor, or the late Dr. Wayne Dyer who wrote, You’ll See it When you Believe It, outline how to use the law of Attraction to obtain your fondest dreams.

I mention these two (there are countless others) because I feel they approach this phenomenon with both clarity and originality but most of all with honest practicality. Joe Vitale in particular is a true student of The Law of Attraction and has written many books on the subject. He himself went from being homeless to becoming a multi-millionaire simply by teaching others to do the same. Napoleon Hill one of the original supporters of the concept, wrote an entire book about it, Think and Grow Rich – in 1937 near the end of the Great Depression. It has been read and referenced by thousands.

Let’s face it, the idea of trying to manifest a million dollars in your bank account overnight conjures up ideas of Sorcery and Witchcraft your average chump might want nothing to do with, yet the prospect of building a modest deck in your backyard from scratch, or maybe getting a new job slightly better than the one you have, all would appear to be normal achievements. In reality though, I say, what is the difference? You create and manifest something out of nothing but your thoughts – your wishes and your desires. Then you use the same basic formula to achieve them. In almost all cases the formula appears to be;

Step one: Have a specific end result (Goal) with a firm timeline such as building a deck by the end of summer. Step Two: (Visualize) or strongly feel it will happen – maybe see yourself sitting there pint in hand, wearing a Cheshire cat grin surveying your handiwork. Step Three: Make a plan and perhaps a schedule and begin (Action). Take plans to the hardware store and get a list of materials and have them delivered. Step four: As you hammer and saw away (Believe) “I can do this.” and; Step five: Enjoy your new deck. Marvel at the magic. I mean it was not there in the spring was it? I know this works because I did it. All of you reading this have done the same or better. The only difference is the value of the goal, the complexity of means to achieve it and the willingness to believe it can be done. What goal would you set out to obtain if you knew you could not fail?

In my Book Will of an Eagle Heart of a Dove, Wilunitus has doubts throughout his journey and the biggest is overcoming his fear of the unknown. Yet he persists. As he overcomes the limits placed on his expansion into the world beyond his fears, his ability to believe grows exponentially. The notion that “I can do this” waxes stronger in his mind daily and the journey to his goal becomes a reality.

This is why I call this book a motivational Fantasy. It is a marvelous, magical journey with a surprise ending that is very entertaining to both young and old, yet it embodies life lessons that go beyond mere persistence. It is about vision, fear, belief in one’s destiny and overcoming obstacles both real and imagined. It is about life itself and how to expand beyond.

So why is The Law of Attraction billed as a Secret and again where is the magic? When people do amazing things that are incomprehensible to most, there is often a feeling there is something special or maybe other worldly about that person. We idolize our heroes because they seem to be able to do things we can’t. Yet in the The Secret it is suggested these abilities belong to everyone. That we all have a special place inside of us that can motivate us to do extraordinary things. Some say this place is where the heart is and we are prompted to follow the Heart for guidance.

This is what Willunitus does. He follows that special place inside of him where the ability to make dreams materialize seems to dwell. How does he do it? Take the journey with him now in Will of an Eagle Heart of a Dove and find out. Is it magic? Or –just magical!

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